Problem Management KPIs - Amendment

This is a follow-up to my earlier Problem KPI post. Commentator Mark asked ‘what about Known Errors’, something my suggestions for KPIs did not cover. Thanks Mark.

Remember that the whole point of Key Performance Indicators is to tell us how effectively some process or activity (in this case Problem Management) is working. Therefore the question is what Known Errors tell us from a KPI perspective – should they be included or not as a KPI?

My feeling is we should. The Known Error count is another indicator of ‘health’ of the Problem Management process, so I’ll amend point 2 of the earlier post as follows:

2. Problems Resolved or with acceptable outcomes

Show the number of Problems resolved as follows:

  • Counts of Problems Resolved by raising of a Change(s)
  • Count of Problems that lead to a Known Error state
  • No. of Problems flagged with a Workaround

Interpreting the figures you get is quite tricky, as of course there is no ‘right’ figure. However, a constant run of zeros (or very low numbers as a percentage of the whole) would indicate to me that there may be some issues in identifying these outcomes as part of the process.