More on Supplier Management

I introduced Supplier Management in my last post. What I will do now is talk about Supplier Management within Incident Management.

Anyone who works on any decent-sized Helpdesk or Service Desk knows that you can (normally) only resolve a percentage of Incidents yourself – for some (and it could be a high percentage) you have to pass to a 3rd party organisation, such as your telecoms provider or your hardware services provider. It’s these Incidents that I’m going to focus on.

An Incident normally has someone (an Agent in Serio terms) that is assigned to the Incident – someone involved in IT service delivery that is working to resolve the Incident. You can also supplement this with assignment to a Supplier. There are some significant advantages to doing this:

  • You can say to Serio, or whatever tool you use, ‘show me Incidents that are currently with third party suppliers’ or more specifically ‘show me Incidents that are currently with supplier X’
  • You can attach an additional Service Level Agreement to the Incident, that is set to measure the supplier’s timeliness.
  • You can automate the assignment process, for instance with the use of specially created emails.
  • You get vastly enhanced reporting. For instance, you can access status reports showing how many Incidents are with suppliers, and you can access reports on supplier performance.

If your Helpdesk/Service Desk does not use any kind of formal Supplier Management then none of the benefits I’ve listed above will be available to you.

I’ll take a look at the major events within Incident Management when we are handling suppliers in my next post.