More Service Level KPIs

This is a follow-up post to KPIs for Service Level Management

Continuing the list I started on Wednesday…

6. Times to resolve. There are lots of ways to slice and dice this – resist the urge to produce many different variations – pick just one or two, by Priority or Impact for instance. I have a personal dislike of averages here, because I think they can often do more to hide the truth than is useful. Instead, so time to resolve in a ‘banded’ form using a graph, so that the distribution of time can be seen. If you are a Serio user, have a look at SLA12.

7. Evidence of meetings. Is there evidence of your Service Level Manager (you have one, right?) actually meeting with customers to go through some of the metrics mentioned in my last post? In particular, are there action points produced and evidence of these being carried through?

8. Responsiveness and callback performance. I’m always surprised this is overlooked by Helpdesk/Service Desk staff, but it really matters to customers. Ideally your SLA will state a callback date and time for customers reporting Incidents – make sure part of your metrics is devoted to reporting on the timeliness of these callbacks.