Monitoring web applications

With a new Command Center release due very soon, I thought I'd post on one of the new features which interest me most.

The Command Center now has revised HTTP web monitoring functionality. This is more than just pulling off web server statistics though.

Instead, you can now login to web applications, test the pages of the web application, and then log off again. In doing so, you can test for page not found errors, time out errors and so on.

It's a way for Service Desk and Helpdesk staff to probe web applications pro-actively, by performing actions that users perform, and measuring the user experience. Logging the results to disk is easy, an can include things such as

  • Time taken to log in
  • Time taken to return pages from the post operation
  • Is the content of the pages as expected?

You can perform test operations as often as you want - 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minutes - it's up to you. The statistics produced can be very useful in Capacity and Availability Management!