Measuring the Performance of Helpdesk/Service Desk Team and Agents - Part 2

This is a follow from the post last week, continuing the topic of Team and Agent metrics.

Quality of Completion - An interesting an often overlooked figure connected with Incident Management. How many tickets are re-opened after closure? Whilst it might be that there are legitimate reasons for re-opening a closed ticket, a high number might suggest issues with quality control (closure before it's really closed).

First Time Fix Rate (FTFR) - For call-handling teams, you can look at this figure both by Team and by Agent - either with examining actual results achieved, or by looking at a 3 month trend.

Speed of Resolution - For Helpdesks and Service Desks you might have underpinning contracts and might want to examine performance from a time perspective - either resolution against target or response against target. These can often reveal more insight into why your overall service targets are hit or missed.

Backlog or Assignment Status - Something you should probably be looking at at least weekly (and ideally daily) is a status report that shows you where tickets are currently assigned - both by Team and by Agent (you'll find such a graph under performance in SerioClient). If you see relatively large numbers against a single Agent or Team, you can take action by re-distributing or allocating other staff to the Team.