Making use of Agent Status

This post is an addendum to my earlier post on The Incident Life Cycle.

That post discusses a status value called the that is ‘signpost about where we are with an Incident’. This post will talk about where that is in Serio, and how help desks and service desks can use it.

Firstly this is referred to in Serio as Agent Status. There are two types of status value: A and B. These are functionally equivalent – rather than giving you a single status value to use, we gave you two, called Agent Status A and Agent Status B.

In terms of managing Incidents, you can use Agent Status in the following ways.

You can display the Agent Status in your Incident list. Imagine that you had 10 Active Incidents. If you wanted to find out where you are in their resolution process without Agent Status, you’d have to examine the Actions on each one individually. With Agent Status, you might have something like:

  • In progress
  • Awaiting parts
  • On Hold
  • In progress
  • Awaiting Purchase Authorisation
  • With External Supplier
  • In Progress
  • Unstarted
  • Unstarted
  • On hold

You can use the Agent Status to select Incidents to work on by creating a simple Query. For example, ‘show me all On hold Incidents assigned to my Team’

You can access a status report quickly and easily through SerioClient. This shows a pie chart comprised on Agent Status data. Simply open a ‘Performance’ chapter and select ‘Agent Status A/B’ distribution.

Setting Agent Status is done through Actions, and is something your own Serio Administrator must configure. There are two basic approaches taken.

The first on these involves setting the Agent Status incidentally. For example, you might take an Action called ‘Assign to Widgets Inc’ where Widgets Inc is a maintenance supplier, Your Action, as part of this, might change the Agent Status value to ‘With External Supplier’.

The second way is more direct, by having Actions solely designed to change the Agent Status value and very little else. For example, ‘Place Incident On Hold’ might be an example Action that does exactly what it says.

For more information about Agent Status and Actions, consult the HowTo guide, the main resource file distributed with Serio products.