Looking forward to the next release

A Happy New Year to all Serio users and blog readers!

Apologies for the recent lack of posts. We've all been working hard on the new release of Serio Helpdesk and Serio Service Desk, scheduled for the middle of this year (as well as enjoying the festive break  wink

In this post, I wanted to let you know about some of the new features we've been working on.

First of all the Service Diary/Resource Planner in SerioClient continues to improve, with the ability to colour code appointments in the next release. You will also see an audit action added to history of an Incident when you book or amend an appointment on it. And will be able to view the Service Diary in month as well as week view.

Mobile Agents will be able to access their appointments in the Service Diary through PocketSerio-i.

Extended Data are extra custom fields (which you define) that you can add to Incidents, Problems, Changes, or Service Requests in SerioClient. The new version will include some enhancements to make Extended Data more useful and accessible, especially in the realm of Change Management.

For example, if have added Extended Data memo fields to your Change Requests to capture, say, the backout plan or impact assessment, you will be able to view this critical data directly in the Service Explorer by expanding the Change Request. You will also be able also search on Extended Data attributes, add them to Issue Displays, and creating custom reports that include Extended Data will be much simpler.

SerioClient Express, the web based client, will catch up with the new tabbed interface that we added to SerioClient in version 5, which judging by the comments we've received, has greatly enhanced navigation between chapters.

SerioClient Express will also now give you access to the Serio Inbox, giving you easy access your support emails and attachments from wherever you are.

The SerioClient Express browser window will allow resizing so you can take better advantage of your screen space. And of course we'll be rolling up the performance enhancements and other improvements to SerioClient Express from the Service Pack for version 5 into the new release.

I'll be posting further articles about the new release later, including news of a new Serio product in the pipeline, and further enhancements to SerioClient and SerioAdmin.