Login Password Strength

It is now possible for a Serio Administrator to contact the Serio Service Desk to request a change in the Password Strength requirement for Serio Agents. These requests are usually made to ask for the Password Strength to be increased. Increasing the Password Strength will obviously improve Security, but it should be used with caution, as not providing your Users with good information in advance regarding the change can create a lot of problems for your Support Desk once the change is made.

The default setting for Password Strength in Serio is Low. Password Strength can be changed to Medium, or to High:

Low strength – Passwords must include a mix of letters and numbers and be at least 5 characters or more in length.

Medium strength – Passwords must include a mix of letters and numbers, of upper and lower case characters, and be at least 8 characters or more in length.

High strength – Passwords must be as the above, and include punctuation.

If the Password Strength is changed, Service staff will be locked out of SerioPlus, at which point they will be prompted to reset their password via SerioWeb. Therefore, it is important that Users now how to access SerioWeb without the use of the Welcome Page in SerioClient (which they will temporarily be locked out of).

In SerioWeb, after stating that they do not know their password, the User should input their Email Address, at which point Serio will check that it corresponds to a Serio User, in which case a new password with the new strength setting will be automatically created, and of which the User will be informed. Although the password is generated automatically, it can afterwards be easily changed by the User.

For more information please view the following Serio Online Help: Login Password Strength Roadmap.