Locating your KPIs Roundup

This is just to round-off yesterdays post about KPIs in Incident Management, and where you can find them in Serio.

Resolutions by the Service Desk or Helpdesk

This refers to the resolutions achieved by the Helpdesk/Service Desk. You’ll find this data available as a column in the First Time Fix report AGT14.

Percentages of Incidents Handled within SLA Target

Most the SLA based reports are clustered under ‘SLA Analysis’ – there are around 25 in all. Picking a few at random:

SLA5 – A nice, simple report which shows the percentage of resolutions on time, broken down by Priority.

SLA4 – A more detailed account, broken down by Company, of SLA resolutions on time.

SLA9 – Shows your response performance, again organised by Priority.

SLA10 – This is an interesting but complex report in graph form. It shows your SLA resolutions on time on a month-by-month basis. It also allows you to add your targets (for instance, 90% on time) onto the same graph for direct comparison, and also trend analysis.

Spread of Resolution Time

For this, see report ‘SLA Resolution Time Profile’ SLA12 and SLA12a. This show you in a convenient graph form how long Incidents are taking to resolve. The data is presented in a useful ‘banded’ form what the spread of resolution times is, and allows a lot of control over how thick or thin the bands actually are.