Locating Incident Management KPIs in Serio

This blog entry is a follow up to our previous post about KPIs for Incident Management. The subject of this post is where these reports about KPIs can be located within the Serio tool.

You’ll need access to SerioReports. Remember this is a part of the tool you need to install – if you can’t see it you should install it (provided you have sufficient licenses to do so). Login to SerioReports, and open a Reports Explorer from the File menu.

Incident Counts

Theses are mainly clustered under the heading 'Logged'. These reports focus on Inputs (as defined in our Service Desk/Helpdesk Metrics white paper), and are both graphical and text based. I’ll pick some out and talk about them individually.

IL17 – Breaks down Incidents by Problem Area Category and Problem Area, with a percentage for each. Useful for understanding the spread of your Incidents.

IL7 – A useful grid that links up the Type of Incident (Fault, Job Request etc) with the Category (Printer, Spreadsheet etc).

IL14 – This report tells you when Incidents are logged during the data. Usually you’ll see two ‘bell’ curves – one in the morning, and one in the early afternoon, as this is typically when most Incidents are reported.

IL22 – This is a graph that shows Incidents by Problem Area. The most used categories are at the top, and this report is useful in weeding out unused Problem Area Categories from your system.

There are around 40 or so in this group, each offering different ways of looking at inputs.

You’ll also find some interesting graphs within SerioClient, under Tools/Performance. See ‘Days logged for Active Incidents’ and ‘Incidents logged and Resolved’. This later report shows you a week on week view of both tickets logged and tickets resolved – which hopefully (kind-of) match up over the piece. If not, maybe read this about backlogs.

First Time Fixes (FTF)

Within SerioReports, see the ‘First Time Fix’ report AGT14. This is grouped under ‘Agent Performance’. This report has recently been upgraded (about 2 months ago) and is now excellent (though I say so myself as the author of the report). It shows overall FTF, and FTF broken down by individual Agents and Teams plus other good stuff. If you want to get the latest version of SerioReports you will need to be using Serio 4.6 or later.

I’ll complete this blog entry tomorrow by looking at the remaining KPIs.