ITIL Key Elements Guides

With any luck the long awaited Key Element Guides for the ITIL® V3 lifecycle are due out very soon.

Supposedly these “pocket” books are likely to make understanding the lifecycle a little easier…if you have had trouble with Service Strategy (and you are not alone in that I can promise you) I have been told that the Key Element Guide (KEG) on this topic brings it down to the level of mere mortals like myself.

Another TSO publication that helps with understanding the new stuff in ITIL® V3 is the new “Passing your Foundation Exam” book. This is a nice cheap volume and brings the new theory down to a practical level. If you still want more have a look at the Official Introduction. If you haven’t had enough after all that then look at the rather more expensive and technical Core publications. In my opinion, unless you are planning on taking advanced ITIL® qualifications, stick with the more general books.

ITIL® V3 is almost a year old now, the dust is starting to settle and now that the understanding is growing among industry professionals I think there is some good guidance contained therein. I will admit to having been a bit skeptical about the value of V3 after plowing my way through the core books when they were released last May, but the lifecycle approach grows on you and the structure does make good sense.

If you want to get copies of any of the books I have mentioned, they are available through the TSO bookshop or through your local ITSMF chapter.