Incident Management - how good are you at taking calls?

Do you ever listen in to how your front line Helpdesk or Service Desk handle calls?

The reason I ask is that, if you’ve never ‘listened in’ you may be surprised at how the calls are handled. All too often it seems that front line staff are placed in situations where they are taking calls from customers, but they have little training, backup and monitoring – except for some assistance on how to use the software tool (often 5 minutes ‘sitting next to Nellie’).

Of course, people can and do ‘muddle through’ but I’d contend this is not an ideal state of affairs for customer focused Helpdesks and Service Desks.

What it leads to is a wholly inconsistent customer experience. There’s no set script, and a generally lower quality of inputs to the Incident Management process.

I mentioned three elements above – training, backup and monitoring.

Training – Running through different types of calls in a simulated environment, training on using the tool.

Backup – Call handling Scripts, documented Operations Manual.

Monitoring – Placing test calls, listening in on incoming call handling.

I’m going to expand on each of these over my next posts – we’ll look at what you can do to improve your own call handling.