Incident Logging Script - Follow-up

I offered, in my last post, a very simple Incident Logging Script.

I’ll offer a critique now of this Script, pointing out here it can be improved or amended for use on your own Helpdesk/Service Desk. Remember though I think a Script of some sort should be part of your Incident handling procedures.

Style. I have used full sentences to make it more readable, but my preferred approach would be as follows, using a much more terse style:

Identify customer name

Confirm contact details – (make sure we have a phone number)

Confirm or obtain Configuration Item

… and so on.

Order. Remember that Serio’s Incident, Problem and Change logging screens offer significant flexibility in terms of customisation and how you capture information. For instance:

You can capture the Configuration Item first, and Serio will fill in the customer for you. This way, you could start the interaction with the customer with: ‘Good morning, do you have a Computer Tag name I can use’ – going on to confirm the customer details.

You can change the tab order. If you want a Script that confirms something like the Impact of the Incident early on, use SerioScribe to alter the tab order of elements on-screen.