Incident Logging - Sample Script

This post follows on from: 

Incident Management - how good are you at taking calls?

Incident Management - how good are you at taking calls? (cont)

Incident Management - Call Logging Scripts

(and to be honest, I had no idea when I started with this subject that it would span over a week).

What I’m going to do now is post a sample Script as I promised at the end of my last post. The format I’ll approach is this: words to the customer are in bold, guidance to the Helpdesk/Service Desk Agent are in italics). The Script covers logging a new Incident (rather than a follow-up to an existing Incident).

What reading this sample, please remember my comments about training and role-play from earlier posts.

Hi this is the IT Service Desk, to whom am I speaking? (Locate the customer in our customer database)

Can I confirm that the contact telephone number for this call is… (Confirm and update as necessary). 

(CI Found by Serio) Can I confirm the Computer Tag Number as … (Serio will suggest a Configuration Item from its database. Confirm it is correct, or select the CI if it is not correct).

(CI Not Found by Serio) Do you have a Computer Tag Number there I can use? (If they do, locate it and select it for this call)

Now, how can I help? (Record as good a description as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask the customer to slow down or pause for you).

(If it’s not clear, ask) What affect is this having on you at the moment, is it stopping you from working? How many co-workers are affected (Record this as an Impact).

(Save the Incident) Your Reference number is …. One of our staff will contact you within the next … working hours.

There is a lot of different ways of approaching this. I’ll post later in the week with a critique and comment on this Script, showing how things could be done differently and what choices you yourself can make.