Fold-Out PDAs? Well Almost...

It's not often I'm thrilled with the idea of new technology and gadgets. As someone in their mid-forties I'm old enough to remember the Pen PC from the late 90's (sank without trace), Prestel (ditto), LED-display watches (useless and uncool) and a whole bunch of other stuff that was going to be 'mainstream' and 'big'.

So I'm slightly sceptical about new gadgets generally. My experience is that consumers are much more conservative than most PR-companies expect.

However, one thing I've seen recently has had certainly caught my attention.

It's called a Readius (there is a youtube clip here) from Polymer Vision, and features a new type of display - one that folds. I use a PDA, but one of the things that irritates me is the size of the screen - I just can't see everything I want to, particularly when using the Internet. The size of the screen is the major thing that affects portability as the screen can't bend or fold - so I'm stuck with a few square inches to squint into.

That is until the Readius. This screen  folds out so you can read it - almost like paper. It means that for a smaller device than I carry now, I can have a bigger screen - offering the promise of a usable display that will fit in my suit pocket.

Right now the fold-out display is greyscale (fine for what I want) but features a very low power consumption footprint (battery life on my current HP PDA is not brilliant).

Of course, what would make this fly off the shelves of technology dealers is Internet capability - attaching the screen to a 3G phone to make a truly portable mobile Internet device with a decent, usable screen. Alas this is where the device falls down - it simply (at the moment) does not refresh fast enough to be used in this way, although it is promised for a couple of years time. As the price for the Readius seems to be in the order of USD800, it makes it a very expensive toy until it can access websites and comes attached to a device with a browser. In the meantime, I'm still interested enough to consider buying.

It will also be interesting to see what the reliability is like - will the folding lead to cracks and expensive warranty claims?

However, improving displays puts the focus on keyboards - or lack of keyboard. They are either like arcade games (Blackberry) or much too large to carry (Pocketop Wireless). Hopefully the people at Polymer Vision will come up with a solution soon to this. [tags] gadget, readius [/tags]