A Few SerioClient Features

This is a post about some gadgets and features you may not know about on Serio 4.6 and later versions.


There is a Helpdesk/Service Desk Agent-to-Agent chat facility. It works between users of SerioClient, and lets you hold a text chat session with them, just like you might have seen with other messenger-type applications.

To use Chat, click on the ‘Users’ icon in the bottom-left hand side of SerioClient, and then select the person you want to chat to from the left-hand side  Serio will then launch a chat panel, simply type your message and go.


Very few people seem to know this, but there’s a ticker tape message. For example, you might want to broadcast

  • Our billing and accounts system is down or
  • There are free cakes in the meeting room

and have all SerioClient users see that as a ticker-tape message running across the top of SerioClient, then simply click the Serio logo, and select ‘Create a Ticker-Tape Message’.

Export all or part of an Incident/Problem or Change to HTML

Like the title says, exporting Incidents in a convenient HTML form is easy. You can even control the format that’s used by editing a template (for instance, you add your company’s standard font or logo). To do this, simply right-click in Incident, Problem or Change Management lists, and select ‘Export to Public Knowledgebase’.

All this does is tell Serio you want the content of the Incident is HTML format – it’s up to you where you store the document, there is no need to put in into a KB directory. Serio will only export Actions you’ve flagged for export to the KB (these display in SerioClient with a KB icon beside them). You can read more about this by searching for the topic ‘Exporting Issues to the Public Knowledgebase’ in the HowTo guide.

Linking together Incidents, Problems and Changes

The quickest was is by using Copy/Paste link – it takes just a few clicks.

Linking Items Together

Again the quickest way is by Copy/Paste Link