Extended Data Updates

We've added an Extended Data Editor with new functionality within Actions and Change Plans.

  • Adding Extended Data to your Actions List

This will allow you to embed the capture of Extended Data into the Actions you take, and the workflow you use.

  • Viewing and adding Extended Data to Tasks in Change Plans

You can now capture and view Extended Data in a much simpler way. We've added the ability to create an Action that captures Extended Data, and then use that Extended Data in Tasks in your Change Plan.

For example, suppose one of your employees is leaving the company and you need to delete his email account. You will raise a Change, as usual, but you can now add an Action to capture the employee's username and department and then include this information directly in the text of future Tasks.

Suppose that you create an Extended Data definition called 'Deleted email account' (string type), and this is then set to joe.soap@mycompany.co.uk

You can include this in the Task

Account to Delete:  <</extended_start/>>Deleted Email Account<</extended_end/>>

So that when the Task is generated, the engineer sees

Account to Delete: joe.soap@mycompany.co.uk

We're expecting these changes to go live by the end of November.

Please let us know should you have any questions or want to make suggestions at serio-support-at-serioplus-dot-com.