Do You Have a Problem Management Function?

I thought I'd post this week about Problem Management, and pose the question: Do you have a Problem Management function? (And if not, why not?).

I'll start by giving a definition of what a Problem is: It's simply something that affects IT services where we do not understand the cause. An example I always give is this: suppose that your main database server fails (let's say with the Blue Screen of Death). You raise an Incident, reboot the server, and resolve the Incident once normal service is restored. You don't know why the server failed.

Is that the end of the matter for your Helpdesk/Service Desk? Do you have any mechanism for investigating the fault - or do you wait until it happens again?

It's Problem Management that fills that gap, and provides a separate framework to understand and resolve these kinds of issues.

I'll post more about Problem Management later in the week.