Creating a Change Plan Template - Part 5

This is a follow-up post on the subject of Change Plan Templates (the last post is here). I propose that this will be the last in the series, at least for a while, because there are other subjects I'd like to cover.

Recall, we've now create a Change Plan Template (CPT) on the non-IT subject of how to change a wheel, and have created both Stages and Tasks to represent that. You'll have noticed you could populate the editing forms with a lot more data – you can explorer these separately, my aim was to complete the CPT with the minimum amount of fuss and as quickly as possible.

As a reminder, please note that the blog here at isn't product documentation – you'll find all of that distributed with the product – just press F1 within SerioAdmin or SerioClient to access the HowTo guide.

You can see how the CPT looks in the flowchart view in Figure 1.CPT in flowchart view

With the Change Plan we currently have, Serio can follow the Stages we've defined, and can create Tasks for people to perform. The people working on the Tasks can Action them (i.e., resolve them) using the Actions that they would normally. However, it's often much nicer to create just a few Actions that are relevant to the Change Plan Template in hand, and to only present these to Agents.

Example: If you have an Authorisation Task, it is much nicer if the only Actions offered to those performing the authorisation are Accept or Reject.


Figure 1 - CPT in flowchart view

I'm going to make it so that for each Task that is created as part of this Change Plan Template, there are just 3 Actions as follows:


This is how you do it.

1. Login to SerioAdmin, and open a new Change Explorer.

2. Expand 'Change Set-up' and click on 'Change Plan Templates'.

3. Open the 'Wheel Change' CPT for editing by double-clicking.

4. Open Stage 1 for editing, and then edit the first Task which will be 'Deploy Safety Warning Triangle'.

5. Go to the Task Options tab in the Task editor. The first thing we are going to do is create a new Action Category called 'Change std'. To do this, click the new Action Category icon – it's displayed to the right of the Action Category lookup (as a blank sheet of paper). Create the new Action Category as follows:

Name: Change std
Long Name: Standard Change Actions

and when you are ready, save this and close the Action Category editor.

6. Back within the Task editor, select the Action Category you created above into the lookup – this tells Serio 'don't show all Actions, just offer the ones contained within this Category'.

7. At the bottom of the editor you'll see a list of Actions – which is currently blank, as we haven't added any yet to the Action Category. We can do all we need to do here however. Simply right-click in the list, and choose 'Edit Action Categories'. Simply move over the Actions you want into the Action Category, and then save your work. Close the Task editor.

8. For each of the remaining Tasks, repeat Step 6 – simply use the Change std Action Category in the lookup. There is no need to keep re-configuring the Action Category as we've already done that in step 7, so it will take almost no time.

The Change Plan is now ready to go. To use it, log a Change and then click the 'Attach Change Plan' button. Serio will respond by logging a linked Task for you, as directed in the Change Plan Template.

I'll do a short post later about some of the simpler management tools at your disposal. Have fun!