Creating a Change Plan Template - Part 1

After taking a diversion to discuss the topics of backups last week, I’m going to come back to the subject of Change Management, which I last wrote about here.

In this post, I’m going to create a Change Plan Template you can follow as an example. Recall that I’ve said you should have a Test SerioServer set-up (please don’t use your live system) and that before attempting to create a Change Plan Template you should really understand what it is you need to do – don’t sit in front of the computer and expect inspiration to come.

If all this seems new, I strongly suggest you stop and review the earlier posts.

For my example, I’m NOT going to use an IT subject, as I think it will be clearer if I choose a problem domain we all have similar and direct experience of – my main objective here is to illustrate use of the software. Therefore, my example Change will concern the changing of a car wheel by the roadside.

First of, I’m going to define what the Change aims to accomplish:

The safe and speedy replacement of a punctured tyre by the roadside, using the spare wheel and tools carried in the boot.

Recall that Serio Changes Plan Templates are primarily composed of both Stages and Tasks. Therefore, I’ll start with Stages as follows.

Location Inspection
Inspect spare wheel and tools
Replace Wheel
Safety Inspection

What I’m going to do now is, for each of the Stages, jot down some information about each of these so I stay focused on what each is meant to represent.

Location Inspection – Check that the car is not in a dangerous location, can we change the wheel safely, deploy safety triangle.

Inspect spare wheel and tools – Is the jack, spanners, spare wheel and other tools all there?

Replace wheel – Remove the old, replace with spare.

Safety inspection – Inflate the spare tyre, recover tools, place speed note on dashboard.

Still outside of the tool, I’m now going to define some Tasks. Tasks offer instruction and background, and are specific things that people do. In the examples below, I’ve given the Task a name (underlinned), and then included instructions with each that helps me do the job effectively.

Stage: Location Inspection. Tasks: (2).

1. Deploy Safety Warning Triangle. This should be deployed about 50 metres behind the vehicle. If you are on a bend, choose a location that gives good visibility to traffic travelling in your direction.

2. Inspect the location of the Vehicle. If you are changing a driver-side wheel, and are close to the flow of traffic, abort the Change. If the vehicle is in the flow of traffic, abort the Change.

Stage: Inspect spare wheel and tools. Tasks: (1) (This seems like a good opportunity for a checklist)

1. Kit Inspection. Check that the boot of the car holds the following:
[ ] Spare wheel
[ ] Car Jack
[ ] High visibility vest
[ ] Latex gloves
[ ] 17mm spanner or socket
[ ] Foot pump
If any are missing, abort the wheel Change.

I’ll continue this in my next post (probably Monday).