Creating a Change Plan Template – Part 3

This is a follow-up to Part 2, posted last week. Recall I’m setting-up a simple 4 Stage Change Plan Template (CPT). The previous posts carry all of the background and set-up info you need.

So far, you’ve created a CPT. However, it isn’t terribly useful at the moment in that it’s just a hollow shell – it has no Stages, and no Tasks. However, as we’ve written these down beforehand it’s a simple case of data entry. Follow these steps carefully to get the rest of the data entered.

1. Login to SerioAdmin, and open a new Change Explorer.

2. Expand ‘Change Set-up’ and click on Change Plan Templates. You’ll see the Change Plan ‘Wheel Change’ we created in Part 2. Make sure this is highlighted, and then right-click on it and choose ‘Show Flowchart’.

This is where having a big, high resolution display comes in handy. Move the Flowchart window over to the side, so that you can still see it and use SerioAdmin at the same time.

3. Right click on ‘Change Wheel’ and then click ‘Amend’.

4. You’ll be presented with the Change Plan Template edit form. Look to the bottom of this, and you’ll see a list of Stages, which is (of course) blank – because we haven’t defined any.  Right-click on this list and select ‘New’.

5. You will now see the ‘New Stage’ form. Create your first Stage as follows.

Name: Location Inspection.
Stage Number: 1 (recall we previously defined this [Stage Number 1] as the starting Stage).
Description: Use the summary I created for this Stage – the one beginning ‘Check that the car is not in a dangerous location…’. This helps you to focus on what this Stage is for.

That’s all we need to enter for now.  Save your work. Notice that the flowchart has updated for you.

6. Now repeat the process, and create Stages for ‘Inspect spare wheel and tools’ and ‘Replace wheel’. When creating these, increment the Stage Number you use, so that Inspect is Stage Number 2 and Replace is Stage Number three.

Example flowchart

7. When you create the final Stage (Safety Inspection) you need to do things in the same way, but before saving click the ‘Stage Start/End’ tab you’ll find on the Stage editing form. We need to tell Serio this is our end point (i.e., this is where the Change ends). Click this tab, and choose the option ‘End the Change Plan’ and then save your work.

The flowchart will now show you how your Stages look within the CPT. It should look something like the flowchart in Figure 1.






Figure 1 - Example Flowchart

Let’s recap what we’ve done. We’ve create a Change Plan Template, and then defined the 4 Stages that comprise this. We’ve entered this into Serio, which is now able to show us a graphical representation of what is involved in Wheel Change (in as much as it knows the correct order of Stages). However, the CPT is not useable right now because there are no actual Tasks for people to perform. What we have now however is a framework into which those Tasks can be added.

I’ll move onto Tasks and Actions in the next post.