Creating a Change Plan Template – Part 2

This is a follow on from Thursday's post about Change Plan Templates.

In this post, I’m going to continue my definition of the roadside wheel change. See Thursday’s post for more info and background. My last post got halfway through defining my Tasks, so before moving on I’ll finish this by refining Stages Replace Wheel and Safety Inspection.

Stage: Replace Wheel. Tasks: (1)

(Recall I said to avoid micro management. So I’m going to assume that the person replacing the wheel knows how to use a jack and a spanner. What I will do is put a few things that can go wrong).

1. Change Wheel. Wear the high-visibility vest and latex gloves. Using the Jack from the tool kit, remove the old wheel and replace with the new. Hub caps (if fitted) should be stored in the boot and not used on the spare wheel. Inflate the replacement tyre to 36PSI.

Stage: Safety Inspection. Tasks: (1)

(Another opportunity for checklists)

[ ] Re-check tyre pressure is at 36PSI.
[ ] Recover all tools from the work area. You should account for the old wheel, hub cap (if fitted), jack, 17mm spanner.
[ ] Recover the safety triangle.
[ ] Place warning note or sticker on the dashboard that the maximum vehicle speed should not exceed 60 MPH.

What we have then are 4 Stages, and 5 Tasks in our simple exercise. You could have set-up a single Stage (‘Change Wheel’) composed of 5 Tasks to achieve the same thing but I’ve used Stages in this way to communicate the most important steps involved. My Change is linear in that it does not have any branching – I’ve done this to make it as simple as possible. It also involves a single person, and does not co-ordinate teams or individuals. However, it will serve to illustrate the understanding of the problem domain you need to have before getting started, and will illustrate the basic use of the tool.

As always, please remember that this blog is NOT the product documentation – it’s designed to complement the product documentation, not replace it. The product documentation is distributed with the software, and you’ll find it in the HowTo guide.

Creating the Change Plan Template

I’m going to assume you know how to use SerioAdmin to create, amend and delete records.

1. Login to SerioAdmin on your test system.

2. Open a new Change Explorer.

3. Expand Change Set-up, click on Change Plan Categories and create a Change Plan Category called ‘Examples’.

4. Now click on Change Plan Templates. Create a new Change Plan Template as follows.

Name: ‘Wheel Change’
Category: ‘Examples’, as you created in 3.
Description: Use the definition of the Change I created in the last post (‘The safe and speedy replacement…’)
Start the Change with this Stage Number: Use the number 1 (this will be the Stage number we begin with).

Save when you are ready. You will now see that you can go and define Stages, which I’ll do in later posts