Availability & Downtime Summary

Commentator Robert asks for a ‘page where all the [availability] posts are joined together’. This post is to provide just that.

The first post is an introduction post: ‘Using Serio to obtain Availability statistics’. In short, this post:

  • Defines Availability
  • Points to the White Paper we have on the subject
  • Asks you to think about what your Key Services are
  • Prompts for how Availability data should be presented

Next comes ‘More on Availability statistics’ (not a very imaginative title I know). This post:

  • Discusses identifying what your target for availability should be
  • Asks you to think about how Key Services will be represented in the CMDB

This was followed by ‘Accessing Availability Statistics’. This post:

  • Describes how to use Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the CMDB
  • How to log Incidents that will deliver the data we need
  • Describes what ‘ingredients’ are used to produced the final Availability graphs

Next I looked at ‘Availability & the Performance Graphs’. This post:

  • Introduced & named the main graphs we use for accessing downtime statistics
  • Looked at formulae for how downtime and availability
  • Discussed the criteria you need to supply to the Performance Graphs

The final post was ‘Availability Reporting Round-up’. This post:

  • Continued the examination of the Performance Graphs, in particular looking at the ‘User-based’ graphs
  • Discussed (briefly) assessing costs associated with lost production.