Are you using Active Directory Replication yet?

Did you know that Serio has Active Directory Integration (first introduced in 2004)?

This feature is not sold at extra cost. If you have a Serio license, then you can use this feature if you so wish.

It works as follows. Rather than maintain a separate customer contact database, you use the information in your Active Directory. Put simply, if you add a user to your Active Directory domain, that user will appear automatically for use within Serio. If you delete the user (for instance, they’ve left the company) then they ‘disappear’ from Serio.

It does more than that though, in that it takes Company and Branch details from the Active Directory ‘tree’ as well (Organisational Units in Active Directory terms). If you move a user from one Organisational Unit in Active Directory, the user will also move in Serio.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the benefits for Serio users are:

  • Improved quality of data (you are using a single data source). In particular, you have tighter controls over the Companies and Branches that are created.
  • Less work (hurrah!) for the Helpdesk/Service Desk.

It all works using something called replication. This is where changes made in the pool of Active Directory data are detected and copied down into Serio. I am happy to say also it works very reliably indeed!

I’ll follow this with a post about migration to Active Directory replication later on. I just wanted to introduce the subject here.