Are you getting enough from your Serio Support Subscription?

If you are a Serio customer, the chances are that you have a support agreement with us that includes technical support by telephone, email and the Serio support website, and that we also issue upgrades.

On the technical support side, we are not just there to help you when things don’t work the way you expect – we want to help you to get the most from the tools you have purchased.

One of the things we can do is to form a Serio Focus Group to help you do more. We’ve prepared a FAQ (shown below) which explains more about the Focus Group.

- What is a Serio Focus Group?

A forum in which Serio customers (usually the Helpdesk & Service Desk staff) can talk about any subject relating to the Serio product and ITSM. A Serio Focus Group provides a structured way for us to help our customers and provide value to them.

- Who joins it?

You need at least one member - your Serio Administrator. You can add a further 3 members if you so wish - these are normally staff from the Service Desk/Helpdesk. Whoever is responsible for Service Delivery should be present. From the Serio side, your Account Manager is a member. Keeping the numbers at 5 or below helps keep things manageable.

- How do we meet?

Normally by telephone on a conference call. Serio has screen sharing technology we can use, so it's a 'virtual' meeting where both voice and computer screens are shared. We can use Skype if you so wish.

- How often do we meet?

Typically once a month, with meetings taking about an hour.

- Who is the chairperson?

Serio will normally chair the first meeting. After that, the Focus Group members take turns.

- What do I, the customer, need to produce?

An agenda *must* be produced and circulated 4 working days before each Serio Focus Group meeting. This tells us what you want to cover and helps Serio to be properly prepared. No agenda = no meeting! Ideally the entire Service Desk can contribute to the agenda. At the end of the meeting, Action points are agreed both by the Customer and by Serio. Progress against these are reviewed at the next meeting.

- Does it cost anything?

If you have a valid support contract, then no.

- I'm kind of lost, and don't know where to start. Can you help?

Yes. Firstly, form the group and inform Serio of your intentions. Then prepare your first agenda, which might be simply 'review where we are, how do we move forward?'.