About the Serio Sentinel

A colleague in Australia at the moment asks for a post about one of our products called the Sentinel. Serio Sentinel is a server monitoring product. Over the years much of its functionality has been transferred into the Command Center/Serio Inventory Agent toolset, so that as of today most customers who are performing monitoring of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers don’t need it.

There are some special things however that, from the Serio product family, only the Sentinel can do. These are as follows.

1. Server Event Log Monitoring. Some applications (usually Windows Services) report errors by simply writing records into the Windows Event Log. One of the things that the Sentinel can do is ‘watch’ the local Event log and tell you about different Events recorded there.

It is basically a straight-forward thing to do, but the power comes in the filters you can apply. Most messages in the Event Log are probably of no consequence and would be irritating if reported to administrators. That’s why when you start monitoring for Events you can apply filters for which Log you are interested, the Source, Message Type and Event ID.

See the function EventLogAddEventToMonitor in the SerioScript Reference for more information.

2. Custom DLL execution. We have some pretty smart customers, and some have written Dynamic Link Libraries that monitor applications that they’ve written themselves. The Sentinel can load a DLL, can a function, and then interrogate the return code for success of failure, interacting with the Command Center as required.

Unless you want to do either of the things listed above, you are unlikely to need the Sentinel.