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What can Serio do for you?

SerioPlus is a SaaS IT Service Management Software with extensive business process functionality and a comprehensive set of features designed to provide customers with a high level of flexibility and customization.

Flexible Terms
You can sign-up for a single month, and cancel with a month's notice. There are no servers for you to set-up, or backups to perform, or long-term commitments.

Zero server infrastructure
Modern ITSM systems are pretty complex things, usually involving database servers, portals, web servers, SSL certificates.... We just want you to focus on the services that really matter to your business and your customers, and to use the SerioPlus tool to deliver great service.

Transparent pricing
We publish our pricing here on our web site, and our pricing model is simple and easy to understand. We aren't secretive, we don't expect you to 'do deals'. [View more]

ITIL Helpdesk Software
Fully ITIL-compliant and Pink Verified [View More]

Direct Customized Support
We can help you straight away using the Internet as if we were sitting beside you. We don't expect you to log ticket with us, we expect you to talk to us through our own tools over the Internet. [View more]

Great technical features
Like remote chat, file transfer and desktop support through firewalls for you to use, or the fact we can integrate with your Active Directory system. [View more]

Save Money
SerioPlus saves companies money by offering Pay-As-You-Go price plans.

No consultants
We don't expect to foist a small army of consultants onto you. We've designed the product with this in mind.